I want to discuss a problem with experts of this forum and other member.I have honda city 2005 model and I am facing issue of AC .Two years back my ac was not working and I contact to ac machanic and he told me that magnetic coil was not working and he replaced that with Qabli one and after that car ac start working.Now on Eid days my Car ac stops working and I contacted machanics he checked that and told me that your car compressor is seazed and that need to be changed.I asked him about the price he told me that it will cost you around 13000 for qabli and if you want better performance then condensor should also be.changed and it cost you almost 4000 to 4500.Total cost almost near 20000. I also consulted other machanic they also said that your compressor is jam and it need to be changed and he provided me with the estimation of 17000 labor plus compressor and condensor change plus gas filling.
Now I want to know from experts of this forum that
Which one is the best car ac machinic in lahore.
Price which i mention is justified or over price.
The issue they diagnose is correct or there may other issues
Any one having experience witg sinilar type of situation must share his review.
Your suggestions are welcome.