I have a Honda City 2006 iDSI MT. It currently has the stock tires (General P165/80/r13) in place. Im looking to upgrade the rims and the tires, my research yielded answers to most of my questions however some remain unanswered. I would be grateful for anyone who can help me out with the following queries:

- Upgrading to 15" rims - what adverse effects will it have with respect to: load on engine, pick and fuel consumption.

- Width/Profile - is 195/60/r15 OK or should i stick to 185 in terms of width.

- Tires - I have finalized Yokohama S Drive and Yokohama ES100 as the final choices. S drive is n/a in LHR at the moment should i wait or should i go for the ES100 any other suggestions?

thanks in advance.