Salam i recently Buyed Civic 91-92 Japan Assembled(Old Shape) 1200cc Engine car, yar i am not satisfy with its shooot and the maximum speed it reaches,both on Petrol and on Cng its just cruising not Flying at maximum speed,though engine sounds great and power ful sound like HuuuuMMMMMMZZZ HuuuuMmmmmmmmmmmZZ and water coming out of silencer,i made its Clutch/Pressure plate checked by different machenic all said its looking newly installed to us and personally i also think its new,i Checked its Plugs they are in brand New condition of Super Bosch 4 Pins well i dont think it suits the Carbi Engine more than injector engine what says?

please tell me the name of the best performance Plugs for it and are 2 pin plugs suitable for it?2ndly will changing of Plug Wires Effect the Innitial Accelaration of the car?and its top speed??? plus what else do i have to do to increase HP of same engine at very low cost???PLEASE reffer me stuff about best tunings of its and good Machenic in karachi for it? i have alerady change its water body to brand new,i changed its Air Filter and installed Guard(the best told by shopkeeper),i still cant figure out why the Mid period of its Accelation is slow comparing to its normal standards which i heared lots of praise about this car,but so far have'nt found it like that,and also Its RPM is Slow but Steady to Go Up,and it maximum touches the 5x1000 RPM on full accelration when the car is in rest,last thing is when i start the car,its Speedo meter's RPM dont get started,but suddenly exactly after 2 minutes it starts working whats that :-S?