Last year (October I think), my Civic 2002 VTi Prosmatec got an unusual issue. Everything was fine in the morning when I parked my car at the office, but when I started to leave in the evening, I noticed that the handbrake light would not turn off even after releasing it. Past experience told me that I needed brake oil refilling, but I checked it and it was above the Max range. Later, the central locking stopped working. Only the driver side door would unlock. Then the A/C: the fan turns on and the green light of the A/C button would work, but the A/C would not turn on itself.

The electrician tried his best to fix it, however after 2-3 days of checking all the wiring and the handbrake lever, the A/C wiring etc, he eventually said that replacing the fuse box would fix it (which also would cost a lot of moolah). I figured "Well I don't need the A/C now in the winter and no harm's happening so let it wait for a bit." Surprisingly, in Jan or Feb 2012 everything started working fine again: the handbrake light, the A/C, the central locks everything. I was happy as spring!

This afternoon though, after everything had been all right for over 2 months, the same stuff has started happening again. Here's the list:

1- A/C not turning on (green light is on but not the A/C itself)
2- Handbrake light does not go off on releasing the brake
3- Central locking only works on driver side now.
4- Buzzer for parking light warning doesnt buzz anymore if I open the door

Talked to the electrician again and replacing the fuse-box is my only option. So therefore, I'm asking the experts and Civic owners for their opinion. Has anything similar happened to you before and how exactly did you go about fixing it? Is replacing the fusebox the only option or can something be done to either repair it? Or is it another issue entirely?

I'll be glad to hear your opinions & advice as I'm only left with this option. Its a family car and the A/C will be required with the summers coming.