Hi last year I bought a used Honda civic exi prosmatic 2006. I suddenly felt that the front shocks of my car have become weak over the years. So got it checked from few workshops and all suggested to replace them with refurbished shocks. Honda 3S dealers quoted its price of originals Rs 26500 without coil springs, other dealers quoted price of KYB brand Rs 18000 without coil springs and one dealer in Montgomery road named Atta Autos quoted its price Rs 9500. Well all the prices seemed to me very high. Then i found a place near Montgomery road where big lots of used or old shock absorbers imported from abroad and then these are cleaned, repainted and then packed in local made just like original boxes and supplied to market. So after observing all these facts I finally decided to purchase a refurbished pair of front shocks from a old/used spare parts shop and it costed me only Rs 6500. My car really pushed up due to pressure of these shocks and I found the ride very comfortable but soon I found that whenever I crossed a speed breaker with a speed around or above 30 Km/hr I heard a big thump & my car bottom out. I got it checked from same person who supplied me the shocks and he said that both the front shock coil springs have sagged/weakened and got to be replaced with refurbished ones with a cost of Rs 1200 for a pair. In this scenario can anyone suggest or advice me that is this due to weakened springs or something else. It is to be noted that I already replaced all the old front suspension ball joints, rubber bushes with new ones so there is no problem with these parts. Power steering rack and pinion also got checked from a mechanic and all is ok. Just to remove my doubt I detached the refurbished shock, checked it and found ok. But even then I asked the shop keeper to replace it with another refurbished one as he gave me a six months warranty if refurbished shock failed to work. After replacing same thumping sound started to come from front end while crossing a speed breaker. So my mechanic told me that it is all about weak coil springs which is causing to produce abnormal sound. So this week I changing both front shock absorbers coil springs. If any body has a suggestion then please let me know immediately. Thanks. Khawaja Jodat. Chemical Engr. Wapda town, Lahore.