To all experts; would be great if you could provide an idea as to a complete overhaul of the suspension and shocks for my 2000 Civic EXI.

The engine is great as it's been run only on petrol, however, the body needs some bits showered, I need to the tyres/rims upgraded from the stock, and most importantly, I need to have a sound suspension.

It's the last point that is at the top of my priority right now, and I'd appreciate advice regarding the following:

1) Best, most reasonable and knowledgeable places to visit in KHI
2) Approximate cost for this - IE: per shock or whatever else
3) Approximate cost of stock vti rims
4) Any idea on the stock tire size? I think it's 13 and am considering upgrading to 15 if that's the case. Thoughts on this?

Looking forward to any help that anyone can provide in light of the above.