I own a 7th gen vti oriel pros civic. Totally petrol 61k driven n 3s dealership maintained throughout. Nowadays m experiencing a sound from front left side lile ghup ghup. Its kind of soft sound rather than a solid tuk tuk sound. Interesting part is that this sound is not a regular feature n it mostly emerges out after a long parking session. Secondly it comes only at slow speeds n passing over small bumps, at high speeds no matter how big pot hole i encounter everything remains normal, no sound nothing.
Furthermore, day before yesterday i visited honda classic here in islamabad, the mechanic guy checked all suspension n steering parts in front of me n everything was fine.. after the checkup at honda m really perplexed that what kind of noise it could be??
Here are few rough guesses
1. Spring might mildly brushing the shock housing in which its stowed or rubber lining at both ends of spring might get dried up or something similar
2. Complete brake assembly of front left side or brake hub etc
3. I have already got the factory lower arm bushes replaced so ruling out that option to be
4. Something related to wheel bearings of that front left side or complete wheel hub of respective side..

Fellow members who have encountered similar issue in their civics, plz recommend some way out... thanks