Hi Guys, i am currently parting my old civic 2000 model and selling aftermarket stuff.. so i am looking for OEM items.

Airbox and filter piping original for EXI Civic 2000. i have installed AEM cold air intake (long) can sell that for reasonable offer in exchange aswell if someone wants to replace from thier current car.

original headers - i have installed DC sports headers cerematellic amazing stuff 4 in 1 race headers - can exchange for OEM header on some money on top. if not i can buy OEM header if anyone is selling.

Original Honda Civic 2000 Airpress all 4 doors with clips etc installed - PM for price.

DC sports short throw shifter - currently installed would sell if someone can arrange OEM one in exchange.

original type R plastic lip kit front and back with original clips etc - bought for 25K willing to let go in 8K ( original ABS plastic from japan ).