Two years back I had to change the power steering high pressure rubber flexible supply pipe with a local made pipe as the original started leaking due to crack. Since that day I was experiencing a humming sound from pump. I went to many workshops and 95% mechanic said that the pump has become faulty and it should be replaced from Bilal Gunaj, while only one or two mechanics said that it might be due to inferior pipe. So yesterday I went to Bilal Gunaj to change the PS pump. The shopkeeper changed two kabli PS pumps one by one but the same similar humming sound was coming from other pumps as well, so finally shopkeeper said that pipe need to be changed with original kabli flexible pipe. Firstly, I was not convincing but I had no choice so asked him to change the pipe. After changing pipe with new or kabli pipe I hopelessly started the car and to my joy that the two years old problem got solved and humming sound eliminated. He charged me Rs 3500 for both pipe and the mechanic labor. Name of shops from where I repaired my car are;
Power steering pump dealer name is Ismail 03004481098 and shopkeeper from where I bought pipe and got mechanic is Romail Butt 03224617296.