I had an oppurtunity to talk to an official associated with sherazi group honda motor cycles (I dont remember whether it was honda-atlas or atlas-honda)he was also hinting towards complete change over for the CIVIC mostly probably by june. but its still not hundred percent confirmed and unofficial.

as for City iDSI I must tell you that I was taking to GM of Suzuki who happens to be someone I know well. He told me even though ppl are retro-fitting new Citys with CNG but its risky. the new city has plastic manifold . there is a phenomenon called CNG back fire (also check by internet) with occurs less than 1 % but still it occurs . there is a high probablity that during this back fire the plastic manifolds will not be able to sustain heat and collapse. 15K or more lost just like that. For this I went to Friends CNG the most trusted and best one in Karachi. he confirmed it and could'nt gurantee safety when I asked what If I brought a city for conversion.(Even though they dont offer any kind of gurantee but the point is even they know this and its dangerous)

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