I am writing this in extreme distress and request an immediate suggestion/help. my civic 2005 manual vti is really costing me time and effort due to this one problem. I had purchased this car in November 2014 and since then it had minor oil drops on the floor. I took it over to my mechanic in 2014 and he had replaced the tappet cover packing. this had partially and temporarily fixed the problem.

this problem then further aggravated in January 2016 and I was forced to carry her to Honda 2s. they replaced the tappet cover packing again but still the issue was not resolved. the Honda guys blamed the main seal for this. I dont trust them.

after through research, I went to another renowned mechanic in my area. he had worked upon the entire upper part of the engine because, according to him, there was leakage from thr upper seal and that is what trickles down to the floor. he replaced the vtec seals, the tappet cover packing (again) and washed the entire engine with petrol to get rid of all oil deposits. now today in the morning, I noticed a larger pool of oil leaked. I instantly called the mechanic and he says that the main seal is faulty and needs to be replaced. for that he will dismantle the gear box. I don't trust any of these incompetent idiots now.

Please help me in this regard and recommend me a good honest mechanic to get rid of this problem once and for all