Hey guys, i need help with my Honda civic 2005 exi prosmatic, the issue is the car has no pick at all, and D light is continuously blinking, i have to get in gear 2 to pick from zero speed... got the car scanned that gave codes P1768 and P1773... these codes are for Clutch pressure control (linear) solenoid valve A failure and Clutch pressure control solenoid valve B failure.... i checked both the valve solenoids, the big one near the radiator and the smaller one on the side, both of them were replaced and checked but the issue continues... i also got all the three gear sensors replaced just to check but the issue continues... the issue initiated after i drove the car in rain and deep water... i guess there is a wiring issue as i got all the parts related to the code replaced.... can any body guide me what the main issue could be... or has any one experienced the same issue????