Assalam alaikum,

After driving the car on petrol for one year and feeling sluggishness in the car after doing every thing i finally swtiched back to CNG last week and facing following issues.

1. Sluggishness of the car(low pick).
2. Engine off when started in cold condition.
3. RPM stays at 2000 when foot taken off the accelarator and suddenly falls to nearly zero every time causing vibration in the engine and some times causing it to turn off.

Plugs changed CNG setting done many times(this issue caused me to put off CNG last year and drive on petrol and still exist).

What can be the issue any good mechanices around bahria town phase 3 area in rawalpindi. the issue is not with setting alteast i m sure. another important thing i remember is that last year every time i put in CNG these issues appear and every time i have to go to mechanic and got CNG setting done.