HOBC Availability updates.

Click this link and update your area.. https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=2147332

Lets share which pump sells the HOBC, no matter once a month. At-least we will have database with phone numbers and users can call and have an update about availability.

You can add marker using your mobile device as well. Its very simple.

  • On top menu bar [ while on computer]; third from left. Click Addition
  • In case of cell phone/ mobile device; you will see a drop down menu on the left. Click and add.
  • Click Add marker simple.
  • Add Entry will open.
  • Enter name of the gas pump in the field.
  • Please enter exact location of the pump in location. You can zoom, pan feature is available.
  • If you have GPS enabled, the map will try to locate it exactly.
  • provide any details in description. Phone number will really help all of us
  • If you cant pin point the gas pump in location field, please add address and any details about the pump in description.
  • There is add file option. Upload picture of pump if possible.

CLICK marker and it will reveal the uploaded details.

HOBC Availability MAP -1707823

This thread is not open for discussion. Please help us create pump database.

If you have difficulty accessing map or any bugs in it, please inbox.