I have bought a 1997 Honda Civic exi Auto transmission and it has done 130,000 Kms. The overall condition of engine seems ok and it shifts gears without any problem on petrol.

I want to install cng in it as I cant afford the petrol. My daily usage is about 100Kms and i get about 10 liters of petrol filled daily. It gives a milage of about 9-10 km / liter on the average.

My questions are as follows relate to the pros and cons of installing cng on the auto transmission old exi?

2. Will it shift gears like it does on petrol or will i be in trouble or have to get a new gear box and related parts from belal gunj etc?

3. Moreover what brand is recommended and what things to intalls or replace like spark plugs, plug wires, rear shocks etc to get better performance on cng?

4. From where to get it installed (in Lahore) for a trouble free longtem ride as i have not enough time to visit the cng service centers regularly.

5. What will be the cost of cng equipment plus the additional replacements like rear shocks which i have heard must be changed as adding packing in the existing shocks is not recommended.

6. Finally what will be the cost per Km after installing cng. like 2 rupees or 3 rupees per KM or even more?

I know I have got lots of questions but my friends if you can spare your precious time and let me know pointwise. I will be obliged. Please only those people who have genuine knowledge about the above things should reply.

Thanks in advance.

Looking forward to have your comments.