I ve installed lowering spring in my 2.0D 2009 as it was quite high in the original one, though it has given fantastic overall look to the car with the 17" rims because of the extra engine weight which 2.0D has, but the comfort is all gone, it goes like grrrrrr in the bumps which karachi roads have with an additoinal DAGH DAGH kind'a sound and jumps in the car too....... now i kno most of u would b thinking that u have to sacrifice something if u want to get something, but!!!! my cousin has installed lowering springs (i think TRD or something) but he's driving GLi which ofcourse has quite less engine weight and its really good on those lowered spring as i drove his car yesterday. Now what i am seeking out here is if someone has a better idea or if someone know any good spring manufacturer with less jumps on our roads on my engine weight or if somebody know any supplier here in pakistan. Kindly Help