Hi friends:

i have a 2007 Toyota Corolla Altis manual. It has done 42000 km. Since few weeks, I feel that the clutch is hard and I get a spongy feeling between gearshift. The pickup is also not as good as before. Before it used to speedup as soon as I touched the accelerator, now it makes a noise like its making an effort to reach a speed and feeling is also hard between clutch and accelerator. I also feel knocking at low speed.

I showed it to the Toyota University showroom in Karachi. They didnt identify any problem and said the car is ok. I asked them to adjust the clutch to which they say that it is not possible to adjust the clutch as there is no setting of clutch in this car.

I am not satifsied with the pick and speed of car. Can anyone suggest what the problem could be or comment on the clutch setting.

Would appreciate feedback and advice.