Salam all
I have toyota corolla 94 automatic london model (with maroon dashboard).
I want to change all of its shocks. I was searching over net and found two brands which are being discussed alot.

  • Monroe
  • Akico/Illumnia

and there were more wotes for Akico. Illumnia is 5-way adjustable product from Akico. and I really liked it.

What i wanna know is that:

  1. Can they be used in my car?
  2. Are they available in Pakistan? If yes, what is the price of the whole package and where to buy?

My car wheel size is 15 inches. Additionally, if there is some other suggestions or addons i need to know please go ahead and let me know.

I am from Rawalpindi and currently living in Lahore. So, you can suggest me markets in Rawalpindi/Islamabad/Lahore.