I have bought corolla x 2001 model from quetta routed from japan.
sound less engine wth almost 148,000 mileage.... and its on petrol no cng nstalled

When I bought this car the car performs very well nd speeds up like awesome and running very fast.
I immediatly changed its tyres nd installed 195/70 in 14 inch as the original black rims installed was of 14 inches.
and also changed engine oil wid Zic A+ 5w20 synthetic. as the toyota recommends oils for ths car is 5w30.

Now I feel that the car is running so fast but not like before as I bought from quetta.

I am thinking that may be the reason is that I have installed large tyres and it affects the speed due to the friction of the tyres.

As the car accelerates upto 140, 150 km/h but not as before changings as it was goin to 120, 130 very fast in few seconds.

so please guide me, experts opinion is requried so that I can take care in future.