Dear All seniors,

I need your support. I have got an 88 corolla and I am looking to swap its engine with efi for better performance, economy etc. Please guide me. I am based in Rawalpindi.

I have read previous posts by Waqas1, SER-GTR, and Xulfiqar and got lot of information. Thank you. However, still have some questions. Please advise.

  1. I understood that 5afe and 5efe are almost similar. Whatever is clean, i should get that. any other suggestion?
  2. I must go for the machine with Distributor.
  3. Should I get that work done from Rawalpindi or peshawar? any contacts? I am totally new in both places.
  4. Engine with uncut wiring must be preferred.
  5. Beware about A/T, M/T ECU. It must match with engine type.
  6. Any updates on Price range and total approximate cost?

Thanks in advance to all of you.