Hi there! i just wanted to share some info with you guys! and i hope i don't offend corolla lovers.
Prosmatec stands for Progressive Shift management Technology( it's by far the best offered in any 1600cc car at present).it has also got Grade Logic Control, which means that as u go uphill/downhill the electronic sensors measure the gradient/slope of the terrain and after assesment shifts to the desired position for greater power and control over the engine! the gear ratios of vti-pros are excellent no under revs or over revs for that matter.secondly, the transmission of vti is electronically controlled which gives us absolutely no shift shock inbetween gear change. it also has a catalytic torque converter auto shift lock preventing incorrect operation.

where as on the otherhand, s.e saloon's auto tranmission is the conventional auto same as what came in the old 1.6gli!!! it gives a huge thud when gears shift, and it's shift lever sucks really bad. it's kinda stiff!!! corolla's transmission doesn't complement it's dohc engine at all, resulting in loss of power! in corolla v manually have to switch the overdrive mode, whereas in vti it switch's on automatically.
beleive it or not but i've taken my oriel-pros to a speed of 220kph on the road b4 the toll plaza on M2!!! it gives me around 11kms/liter with A/C city limits and 15km/liter with A/c, on m2, but when A/C is switched off,shoots upto 12 in city and 16 on m2.