Hello Guys ,
A little History
i Have Corolla Gli 2013 Model , and as i have bought it after 30K kilometres brake problems have started. At 30 thousand km i was travelling from Motorway through Kalarkahar Mountains , at a very high speed at least 120kmph and i braked a lot and when i passed mountains area , i felt that my car was Bubbling when i pressed the brakes at higher speeds.
So rotors gone , i kept on driving the car i went to my home city , and sent the car to Toyota dealer ship they said the rotors needed to be Polished and Discs were all worn out so they need to be replaced , i dont like to get my things altered but i asked them to polish the rotors and i also changed the disks,
Now brakes are good / better than before but not like they were in a new car , the paddle went down more than before for braking ,

now at 48k kilometres , tie rod end and rack end of car are gone , sound coming from front side , but i kept on driving , i went to kotli at 55k kilometres , my speed was high , i braked a lot , brakes were fine , when i came back i went straight to Toyota Islamabad , I bought new tie rod end and rack end and got my cars brake serviced , engine tuning oil changed etc etc . They Did the Alignment but it was out, so i went back they fixed it and to double check the alignment , I went to Wheels and Wheels in blue area , and they said there was a very minor error and they fixed it ( i am very conscious about car alignment and stearign wheeel adjustment)

Problem Starts

Now After brake service ,Brakes have not been what they were before , The Abs starts to work early on lower speeds when paddle pressed hard , not very hard but braking hard ( and i know when abs works and i also know when it will start working , as i have been driving for 55k and i know where it should work or not , so its not the main topic ) and

ABS working early means
-there is a problem with alignment (which there is not, camer is alright too)
-Problem with tyres (which there is not , yokohama advan db)
-Problem with brakes ( which can be )

And i feel that any one tyre of car is bubbling when i brake on higher speeds, on express highway i went to 120kmph to check my brakes , i braked hard (ABS did not start coz i was braking at normal pace but hard) when the car came to 60kmph and i pressed the paddle a little , the car begin to pull left (can be a road problem) but i think both LEFT and RIGHT sides are not braking equally ?
Is this possible ?

I also need to ask where can i buy new rotors for my car as i have already asked IJAZ AUTOS at Sadar and they dont have it ...
Thank you People Appreciate Your Time