Assalam Va Alaekum to all,

I have Corolla GLI 2011 Model with CNG. total running is 65000 KM. Lives in Gulshan-e-iqbal/KHI.
Problem is when i turn on the ignition, ABS light does not tun on , all other lights like engine, handbrake steering shows up, but ABS light remains off. Plus from few months I am facing problem in braking section that sometimes in slow speed , i have to press brake paddle very hard in order to stop car, even with hard peddle car doesn't stop instantly, and some times it just works fine and car break works very good.

So I went to mechanic near Cafe 'Piyala' in Karcahi. where one mechanic told me that car need brake service, he charged 800 Rs and services front/back brakes, all the parts looked very healthy and fine. but the problem didn't solved. he told problem might be related to RPM, but i was nto satisfied and went away.

then I took the car to a mechanic in gulshan-e-iqbal, he charged 1500 Rs and using obd scanner and Tablet pc, he showed me that an sensor of right wheel showing some error, he cleared the errors but the same error appears again, He then claimed that probably ABS motor is faulty and it need to be changed which may cost around 20,000 Rs (in used)

Can some one please guide me in this regard? Any good mechanic who can honestly diagnose the issue & charge reasonably?