Assalamo Alaikum,

Respected members, I have recently acquired my uncle's 1978 toyota corolla rear wheel drive.

I should pointout that i have zero or less than that knowledge of cars so please, please be descriptive about how I should proceed.

Poor MNC 50 is sad and wants your help to be back on the road.

These are my problems that occured after getting speedometer fixed on some bad advice(which involved opening up differential/handi of the vehicle)

1. transmission oil/fluid leaked out
shown to mechanic, he said speedometer garari seal need to be replaced

2. right rear wheel "locks up". refuses to rotate. after 5 min it will be fine. then again lock up. this is happening at LOW SPEED only.
mechanic told me take tire off, get it "cleaned" dont understand this but okay did it and same problem happened again
showed to another guy he said replace axle seals, there is leakage there of "brake fluid"

3. I asked earlier on this forum, I was asked to check the pinion position on the crown wheel. WHat exactly is being checked and how do I know its done correctly. Whats it called in Urdu. Do you need an expert mechanic for it? Any recommendation for Lahore? and how do I know its fixed properly?

My questions to you now are:
1. based on above, do you agree with the diagnosis
2. where can i get seals in LAHORE and should the old seals be taken along to the shop
3. is there any other item or thing i should get done checked. cars been parked for about 8 months since my uncle moved abroad

Thank you in advance.