hello ,

I have a 2010 corolla.
Can anyone help me with ECU-B2 issue.
Problem is that when ever I park my car at night the current gets drained from the battery and after 6 to 8 hrs theres no current left in the battery.

I got it checked from my electrician ,he connected a one wire of the bulb with the negative terminal of the battery and other with the negative wire that connects to the battery the bulb lit up quite bright which showed that something was using current even when no electronic item in the vehicle was switched on.

Than he checked all the fuses and came across a fuse for ECU-B2.When he plugged it out the drain from the battery stopped.So he came to the conclusion that there's some issue with the ECU-B2.The dashboard was taken off , a small white case type thing which he was saying is the ECU -B2 right on the left side of the dashboard.when we checked this ECU-B2 it looked fried but was still working.I was getting no message of check engine all this time.

Now can anyone tellme what next should i do? how much does this ECU-b2 cost? can anyone recommend me a very good electrician who is expert in such cars coz my electrician was unable to detect the fault that was draining the current.

What I know so far

1.ECu-B2 needs to be replaced and Need to detect the fault that caused this frying of ecu.can ecu be repaired?

also this ecu b2 is not the main ecu of the car.

Need help.Im confused.Need a very good educated electrician.Please don't recommend for TOYOTA cox they'll empty my pocket.