I was having problems with my car's gear box for quite some time. When you would start the car in the morning you would hear the sound of gear bearing. After some time it developed another problem, at high speeds the gear would just slip out of the 5th gear.

Me and my friend visited a number of mechanics for rectification of the problem. Some said change the gear while other said repair it again. We visit Sultan Koo in Pindi and Shooba in Peshawar for the gear box. At Shooba, we could not locate a Kabuli gear box and could only locate a civil gear box. The person demanded Rs 6,500 plus my car gear box. At Sultan Koo, we located a Kabuli GLI gearbox for Rs 6500 plus my car gear box. After all this searching we decided to go to Torkham and get the gearbox from across the border. Me and my friend visited Torkham, went accross the border and bought a gearbox for Rs 5600/-. The vendor told us that the gearbox was a GLI gearbox and it would fit in your car without alterations. We transported it back to Peshawar and had it installed there. We sold the old gearbox for Rs 2100/-. The total cost on changing my car gearbox came to Rs 4100 (Rs 5600 + Installation Rs 600 - Sale of Old Gearbox Rs 2100). If I had bought from Shooba or Sultan Koo it would have costed me more than 8000 (Rs 6000-7000 for the gear + price of the old gear 2100 + installation Rs 600).

Previously I would change to 2nd gear at 20KM, change to 3rd at 40KM, change to 4th at 60 KM and to 5th at 80KM. now all these ratios have changed. I now change to 2nd gear at 30 KM, to 3rd at 55 KM, to 4th at 80 KM and to 5th at 100KM.