I want to modify my corolla XLI into corolla GLI ,can anyone give me any idea on it that what changes should I have to make for making Power windows,cental locking ,Power glass mirros etc. or any other diffrence in GLI & XLI (1st state differnces between GLI & XLI
please tell me

also tell me some good shops in Karachi where I can convert my XLI into GLI( this idea comes to my mind when I was passing from P.E.C.H.S to khalid bin waleed road, I saw some shops on which it was written power glass machine repair,power window.door repairs etc.) at one shop there was 1 honda civic with power windows but car owner told me that he has repaired powered glass machine 10 times in 5 years,every time whenever it is raining or it goes to service centre , it cause problem in power window machine so car owner said that leave machine & he sold that machine,some circuits to same shop owner & bought normal glass machine,lever & he put in normal mechanical hand ( mechanic called it CHAPPO in his own words) so that glass moved not on machine now & works by pressing handle ( like XLI)
in this only 1 hole to be made on door cardboard & it started working

so after that I think that if power window can be converted to mechanical hand ,then why cannot be vice versa

so tell me if anyone have any idea to convert XLI into GLI & how much should it cost
(I think if some pupil like spitfire can do experiment on it & it goes succesful then even mehran,khyber,cultus,alto,swift,ravi,bolan can be converted into power windows,power glasses etc.)

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