Hello guys,
I will try to keep it brief.

I bought cultus (carby) 06 model in April '12 and it is ok to drive. However, I am getting this strange problem.

1. The car gets turned-off suddenly if I drive in the city with A/C on. No matter if petrol or CNG, it gets turned off.

2. So get out, take out the water bottle from back seat and pour on the engine (where it makes the hissing sound)

3. The last time it started after a few minutes however, this time it doesnt start. I get a mechanic who said that the CNG kit(Kuppi) is not starting so he got it direct current from the battery using spare wire.

So the car started and since then its starting fine. He said this is problem with CNG kuppi but the car was originally on Petrol so CNG doesnt come in this equation. He also said that it could be a fusebox problem

Can you guys help me out? Any good cultus electrician in Islamabad/Rawalpindi.