AoA... i have cultus 2007 carby engine. The problem i am facing is that when i reach around 80 km/h ye jhatky marny lagti hy... once it start jerks the engine shuts after sometime. on starting again it gives the same problem in 1st, sometimes in 2nd and sometimes in the 3rd gear.
Some say it is the problem of carburetor
some say its fuel pump
some say it is problem of current

i cleaned the carburetor but the problem was still there. the fuel supply to the carburetor is fine.

The fuel pump is new and it is working good

i went to islamabad for some work took the car to a mechanic. He thought it was problem of current. Accroding to him carb is fine and so is the fuel pump.

Experts please need your opinion/advice(s).

Besides if you know about an outstanding mechanic in peshawar please let me know. And suzuki hve workshops like toyota, honda etc have where i can take the car.

PS. the car gives no problem in CNG.