I ll get the delivery of my new Cultus (CNG Factory fitted)(2006)
I heard people saying that the new cultus has some major fault?
Wanted to know about it..!!
whether the fault is in the CNG car only , or both the new cultus?
Has this fault been corrected, and now the new cultus is without the fault or not??

Pls. give me ur recommendations whether i shud sell the cultus after getting the delivery, or whether i shud keep it.

Incase, i shud sell it, what other options do i have ??
i didnt go for vitz becoz its a second hand car, with an expensive maintenance .

Does anyone have information about the Chevrolet Joy. what is the difference between JOY AND EXCLUSIVE.,

Pls. compare JOY with Cultus.

How much ON (Premium) will i get if i sell my new cultus (2006)- Cng fitted, (Colour-Eminent Blue)??

Abbas Raza
Cell # +92 321 2744684