Dear Fellow Pakwheelers,
i am a newbie when it comes to Cars. so please help.
i own a 2006 carby cultus with following problems.

Engine Revs at 1200 -1300 RPM when idle.
Engine consumes the Lubricant within 700-1000 kms, and requires refilling.
very difficult to reach speeds of 110 km/hr. plus the car wobbles above 90 km/hr.
Fuel smell in the car after refilling the tank. which remains till half the tank is consumed.
Very poor driving performance when AC is turned on.Too much load on engine, RPM drops from 1200 to 900 , but AC cooling and Throw is fine.

Can anyone please tell me about a experienced Mechanic in Pindi/Islamabad. and idea about the maintenance cost of all this.