GUys, here is what has been bothering me.

A couple of days ago, i went to have my the AC serviced on my car. (cuore 2006). the car kept stalling after that and the mechanic tinkered with the car wiring.
Now the car dos not stall, but 2 problems arose.

1) The cng lights are going haywire. they show wrong quantity of gas. when i press the throttle real hard, they go back to normal. but when i release teh race, it starts malfunctioning again.

2) second problem is taht car is heating up excessivley. as soon as i give throttle and the engine has to work, its temprature goes up. the temprature gauge is working fine.

So i guess my real question is that Is it possible that an fault or some thing with teh electric wiring in the car cause any trouble in the mechanics of the engine?like heating up and all?

help will be appreciated.