I recently took my 2009 Toyota Corolla for paint job to Toyota Garden Motors Lahore after my car's
rear left door got scratched.

They returned my car after two days, and the paint had clear lines in it.
Moreover the interior of the car was badly messed up, with Compoud Polish spilled on the seats and dash board had dark stains. (which cost me another day, mental torture and money to get it cleaned)

The car was returned to the dealership due to faulty paint job, responding
to which, the painters at Toyota Garden Motors painted almost whole LEFT side to match the color. This damaged the resale value of the car
immensely. Later, on taking up the matter with their managers, they declared that it's because of the lacquer and shall be rectified once Compound polish is done with. The very door for which I went through this whole torture could not be mended, along with a major blow to the resale value because of whole left side painted by the idiots at Toyota Dealership.

The reason for this write up is just to intimate the public about how these toyota dealerships are ripping off the people, and are in fact even worse than un-auhorized wrorkshops.