Today i was at i-10 and was rushing to the station for petrol as my fuel light was on and was nearly to be stopped. it was a PSO pump. when i went there ,there were three people there staring at me and taking.. one of them came and started asking me... Kitna bhai? i replied 2000, and as always i wanted to see zero meter there was a person standing there and the person standing near me said sir bill? i said yes when again i tried to look he started asking me car reg no. i told him several times but same reply by him was.. jee sir? dubara btaye? when i pushed him back and went out of car it was at 900+. the meter was 500 when i stopped the car. that time i realized they r doing fraud. i asked him why u didnt show me zero meter, he said it is always zero and please my friends be careful... these people r getting greedy day by day.