Going to share a new form (didn't heard of it before / may be not new) of theft / fraud, especially beware for all those who travel daily via public transport.

This Thursday, my aunt who lives at Kuree Road, Islambad came to visit us (our residence is in Naval Anchorage). Since I was not at home so at the time of departure my elder brother drop her to Naval Anchorage bus stop where she sat in a Hiace supposed to be going to Faizabad, Rawalpindi.

From here the fraud starts, better to hear/read the incident as a first person.

?I asked the conductor of the Hiace to charge fare for Kuree Road and he obliged without any hesitation. I sat on the seat behind the driver as the front seat was not empty, there were already two women sitting on that seat and I was the third passenger. As soon as the Hiace start moving, the women sitting behind me start to act like she is going to vomit, her face was not visible as she was wearing shuttlecock burqa, the women did that repeatedly and on every try I feel that her voice is coming just behind my neck (my purse was on left side as on right side were 2 ladies).

All the passengers including conductor and driver were criticizing that women, as the hiace crossed Pakistan Town (the distance between Naval Anchorage and Pakistan Town is hardly 2 kms) that women stopped the act and after that the conductor asked me about where I am going. After inquiring, he said that due to some urgent work they are not going to Kurree Road and after some dispute, he also returned the fare and asked me to change the Hiace. Even then I didn't realized about the fraud. I switched the Hiace and reached my destination and only then I realized that all the cash and mobile from my purse is missing. I kept the cash at two different places under some papers and the mobile is at a different place and all the valuables were in separate zipped pockets of the purse and all the zips are intact and no cut is present on the purse.?

So beware to all the fellows and their families who travel daily/frequently via public transport.

What I think personally is that all the passengers including driver and conductor of the Hiace were an organized group and they are doing this fraudulent activity frequently.

What do you people say ?