I have purchased an 88 model BJ 60. For the routine check up, the alignment expert told me that there is something wrong with the front suspension ends (front steering rod ends) as they are not straight and the boot for the grease is having load on the inner side and advised me to show it to some mechanic. I today personally saw it in detail and assumed that both the levers which are attached on top of the hubs and with the front rods have been changed with each other. It might have been done to avoid touching of steering ends with the rims. So after their changing they were tilted inwards instead of outwards. The alignment expert also said that the tyres can not be further moved inward from the front as the rods have completed their circles. So today i removed my tyre/ rim and put it on a same model cruiser (a friend of mine's) whose levers were tilted outwards and as a result the rims were touching the ends. Surprisingly, the existing rims are 16 X 8JJ and that too the original of an 80 series cruiser. Pls advise what to do. Also see the picture of the problem area.

The rims touching the steering ends -610193