Hey guys... My flight from Lahore To Oslo got canceled Due to Pia Pilot strike.
Now I have to take a flight from Islamabad to Norway, no flight from here to their fit my scheduele So I hava to travel by road.. Familiy contacts consisting of 3 girls and 1 women is also going to travel with me so We we have aaaloot of baggage.

I Prefear to use my own driver but Contact me and we can maybe work something out. My flight is from 01.45 on satarday so I need to rent from like 04.00 in the morning to 06.00 approx in the afternoon.

I know this can be a Risk matter if I use my own driver... but If u Contact me Im sure we can work something out like maybe given u a Copy of ID card and some form for contract.

Money Can be discussed and Im willing to pay a good price:
contact. 0342 80 83 223.