Dear Potoharlover,you can't make these people understand!the logic behind your point was quiet deep but you emphasised readers to regard other people as well
who can not even afford the basic necessities of life.You are asking to spend less on cars and more on the deser
ving ones,that's what I understood from your recently posted topic.. welll I have seen people driving cars worth not to speak of million but in excess of 10 million... time has changed in pakistan with the arrival of new soody system American banks are offering cars on leases ,hire purchase, it is a long term trap for our people if they have some wisdom to observe it.
We need to appreciate this fact if some one is telling us a good thing appreciate it rather than telling him not to write in caps. I reallly felt bad
about it.. tell me did'nt you understand the precise ENGLISH IN CAPS.. I still give a damn if you are still wantr to make of a man who was not naive neither was so shallow to understand jab ghareeb ko khaney ko nahi milta aur hum million ki car par phirtey hain to kaisa lagta hai..