1. Need a 3 door landcruiser (88-2001 model)in a minimum cost.Actually i need a non accidented frame and body with genuine papers.
2.I want to rebuild it.so it doesn't matter if in poor condition.
3.If anybody has or has just purchased from auction,pl let me know if want to sale.
4.I need it in Islamabad or Rwp NO. or unregistered.
5.If there is any auction of these vehicles,pl let me know.
6.Secondly can any body tell me from where in Islamabad/Rwp i can get the maximum variety of new sound systems for my vehicle.Any specific shop or market.sysytem Reqs are Audio,video,cassete player and rear view camera.
7.Also tell me the availability of Rear view camera,its installation process and its price.