AOA all,

I recently purchased a mini Pajero 660C turbo and I will highly appropriate your kind advise and help on following issues.

  1. There was a engine leakage before buying the car and due to my personal negligence I have to overall my entire engine. Now after complete engine overall there is still leakage from engine chamber. It's really become a mess and I am very frustrated with this issue.
  2. I frequently travels to Murree so I am not having a good pick on CNG. People says that CNG is not successful with turbo.
  3. Petrol consumption is very high i.e. 10-12 KM/L. People claims on this forums that they have around 20-22KM/L with 660C engine.
  4. Can any body refer me a good and honest Mechanic in RWP/ISB ?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards
Nadeem Abbasi
+92 300 5202231