I have been watching several offroad expeditions organized by fellow Pakwheelers, especially Watching Frontier 4x4 club excursion to Malam Jabba I noticed a great need of Safety Precautions that can be exercised. Driver's Education can be done via a thread as well in the form of "Do's and DONT's"
I believe we have a wealth of knowledge here but it is not shared or practiced or simply ignored.

For example the use of Winch:
We all know that the winch can snap. A snapped winch if unprotected can seriously injure or potentially be fatal around the diameter of the snapped length.

Use of snow traction chains:
Chain safety is another ignored topic

We need veteran offroaders on this forum to step up and contribute to make a simple checklist that fellow offroaders can keep in mind. I am sure there are many other simple precautions that we can add to the check list.
We need to be proactive about safety and avoid a catastrophy.