Hi Guys,

One of my friends is moving back from KSA after a few months and wanted to bring back a SUV with him

the 2 models he has considered are

1. Toyota Innova '13

Toyota (Saudi Arabia) - Innova '14
2. Toyota Previa '13

Toyota (Saudi Arabia) - Previa '14

. To cut it short i wanted to ask the Experts here that which model should be bring along. What are the pro and cons

in terms of

1. Fuel Efficiency
2. Mechanic Availability
3. Spare Parts availability
4. Resale
5. Left Hand Drive issue

and any other metrics you guys can think of. He has been away for a long time and has no idea about local market now which i think has changed over the last couple of years due to Japanese imports. also I'm not into SUV's etc. Please require your expert opinion to make a decision. I advised him to either bring along money or buy a Corolla

But he likes these too. So please advise