Hi Pros

so at first i will admit i am a novice to SUV and now decided to buy Toyota LC AXG or ZX (2009/2010) any. so i am trying to figure out which one is a go, budget is up to 1.6 cr.

i am pretty confused about AXG and ZX, i did some research but since its will be my first SUV so i am pretty clueless
I plan to keep the car for 4-5 years at least

can someone advise for following.

Things to watch out while buying/inspection?
Basic difference of AXG and ZX ?
Better to get registered or un-registered car?
which version is better?
is 4.5 grade is good enough or one should go for 5AA?
how can i verify auction sheet?
any recommended/ tested dealers?

any other advise and recommendation will be highly appreciated