Hey guys
Ive been reading ure forums for quite a while and find them very interesting so i joined up. I have some questions if someone would be willing to answer
1. Should i buy a lc 70 1990 or hilux 1990
2. Where would i find a good workshop in lahore which does good work on 4x4 engine swaps, suspensions and diffs.
3. Which engine is best for the lc 70 without any alterations or minimum alterations
Ive done some offroading on the 100 series and the overpowered hybrid harrier. The 100 series was very long so it some difficuties in tight spaces whereas the harrier lacked the ground clearance and offroad tires. Though it was wayy quicker then 100 series.
Need a good offroading machine which can do crazy stuff..
Ive a budget around 1.3-1.5 mil.
Both the lc and hilux wil cost arnd 7 mil. Is the rest enough for a engine suspernsion tyres lift kit winch etc.
and which is better as an offroader the 3dr SWB or the 5dr LWB.