Hello every body!

I need information about the availability and pricing of 70 series SWB Land cruiser or 73 series MWB (medium wheel base) with a Diesel motor. Iam living abroad and thats why Iam seeking advice from you guys. Preferably the one shown in att photo would be great. I heard these machines are still being made and Army has been getting new ones (from Australia?, Japan? ).

Secondly I want to know wether a 3.0L turbodiesel Prado is capable enough for serious off-roading mostly mountainous terrain like going to Naran_Jalkhad? and can it negotiate snow/slush?? Because if it can then it has advantage of having some luxury.

Or do u guys think that a 70 series/73 series with a powerful motor is preferred. I also like FJ40 but its not possible to find one in a mint condition.

Land Cruiser Info Required -486753