Introducing Economy:
Keeping High rates and daily increase in fuel prices, Z.S technology will not only decrease the cost of fuel in generators but also enhances the performance and engine life.

Dual Fiel Fusion Kit:
This kit is specially designed to address the concerns of heavy use generators.
Main Features:
*Dual Fuel Fusion Kit saves upto 50%
* Optimizes engine performance
*Increases engine life
*Reduces harmful visible emission upto 80%
*Environment friendly

Two types of Fusion Kit Are Available at the moment.
*Diesel + CNG
*Diesl + LPG

Fusion kits for generators starting from 20KVA to 1000 KVA are available at the moment.

Money Back Warranty
One week testing money back warranty.
Product Warranty
Six Months.


Installation without any disturbance to engine.

One of my friend deals in this kit Agenecy
This is a kit for generator, which we can use in any kind home/office generators with which your consumption of fuel will be 50% half

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Z-S Technology-Save Upto 50 -559588

Z-S Technology-Save Upto 50 -559589