Reply By : aliqadri on 12/16/2005 3:10:40 PM
@ Haaziq:
I have recently completed my trip.
Distance Covered: 790km
Distance Covered with Petrol: 20km
Covered with CNG: 770km
CNG Costs: 160+200+50+165+165+170=Rs. 910/-
Per Kilo Meter Cost=910/770=1.1818181818181818181818181818182 Rupees
Means: 1.2 rupee / km

CNG Details:

LandiRenzo with Advancer & Emulator + 40Ltr Cylinder=36,000 (A week ago)
Supplier: National CNG, Pico road lahore.
Fitter: Mr. Bhatti

NOTE: Spare wheel comes out from rear, 2ndly rear shelf positions at its orignal place

Well to get 70% savings in fuel, I have to secrifice on 15% pick drop.

I love my CNG Chery!!!

Reply By : hash4u on 12/16/2005 11:25:14 PM
very nice, we are having a healthy competition and might force suzuki to improve its junky quality in the same(high) price tags and 0 options they provide to consumers

Reply By : haaziq on 12/17/2005 9:34:39 AM
Thank you very much for the info provided. It seems that this car will be as economical as my previous Santro Gv which also used to run @ 1.2 Rs/Km.

The rates of Cng are very fluctuating and changing every day. The electronic parts are beiing used of Zetronics instead of original Landi Renzo. And there is another new product related to the Cng i.e the Lambada oxygen control system which stablizes the RPM of the car according to the need. Lets see whats its future...

Reply By : aliqadri on 12/19/2005 75:50 AM
It's Doing 13-14 in city on petrol
and 18-20 on extra urban areas.

Price Perception!!!
We perceive chinese products to be of pretty cheap quality. isn't it?
and then we believe that their prices would be cheap accordingly.

Listen neither this car is 'Cheap' nor available at 'Cheap' price.

I've heard ppl opinion on this car.
someone is taking about it's finishing, someone is talking about it's engine burst, someone is taking about it's paint quality.
I don't think they're making justified desision against QQ. it's true that it is chinese car, but when you drive it and experiece it, you'll forget it's maker.
I've drove it about 2400km. i like it very much. just because it's chinses and providing me korean response.

As majority of us belong to pakistan.
this is inherited that 'do not take new thing easy' .
I know One thing
Chery QQ is going to distroy following car markets in terms of their sales and 'OWN' value

1-Coure 420 + OWN (100)=520
2-Alto 470 + 40=510
3-Chevy 800cc (already gone from mkt.)

We 'll see it as time passed with new market cars.


Reply By : haaziq on 12/19/2005 11:271 AM
Hello again,

I am enjoying the ride of Chery QQ and it is a good car in given price. No other car gives the features which Chery has offered in less than 500,000/-. Only gears are a bit hard which I have tried of another Chery (Done 3000 Km) and its gears were smoother than my Chery. The dealer was also claiming that there will be no difference in its gears & chevy's gears after 2-3000 Kms.

The car has yet been a good experience and its the best car in its class. Excellent drive, good control, well designed interior and above all very comfortable seats with a huge leg space both in front and rear seats.

I will get Cng installed after sometime and will let you know about its performance on CNG as well....

The ratings after using all the cars till now are as under.

Mehran 5/10
Alto 6/10
Coure 7/10
Chery 8/10
Santro 9/10

Kindly note that I have mentioned all those cars which I have used for more than a year and have given them ratings on overall performace including Interior/Exterior quality, fuel consumption/ comfort & responsiveness...

No offense to any 1... so kindly I am telling you in advance, if any 1 does not like my ratings do forgive me....

Reply By : andyryan on 12/19/2005 7:59:54 PM
I live in Karachi....where can I get one?


Reply By : drsaed on 12/20/2005 3:147 AM
I own a white chery QQ which is now nearing 3000 km converted to CNG. The only drawbacks of this wonder car are the stiff gears and the rattling sound on turns where the road is uneven. Other than that I rate it 10/10 for looks (I have been stopped umpteenth times on road by people intereted in the make), comfort, features, drive, consumption and manouverability (the car has the smallest turning radius).
The car touched 140 km mark on CNG (proof attached)and promises a good road grip. I went to a chevorlet showroom and asked the person to convince me that JOY was a better car for its price than Chery QQ. He had no justifiable answer except that JOY was 1000 CC and the gears were smoother. But is this worth paying good about 1 Lacs extra with lesser features as compared to Chery??...I surely guess NOT.
I had a brain wave of trying to install a JOY gearbox in Chery (since both are twins). If anyone has any comments / suggestions..please come forward with them. But till then I rate this car better than any in its class.

Reply By : aliqadri on 12/29/2005 9:543 AM

First Let's talk abt the CNG:

'Engine Warning Light' is caused by the some faulty

connection of wiring that you'r CNG fitter has made.
I've done CNG installation by the guy who was well

experienced with installing electronic CNGs. that's why

i haven't got such problem after installation.

but i'll recommend you to re-check the wiring setup

from some experienced guy in your city.

second 'talk about 'Top Speed with Chery'

I did 149km/hr (it was still going above). on

motorway.. but i had to slow coz of rush ahead of me.

I was talking to chery engineer, he told me in china

someone did abt 170km/hr with QQ.

------------Let's have practical approach----------

I did 149km/hr with total 3-passengers on board.

If you do following you can reach 160km/hr +

1-reduce total passengers to 2
2-increase tyre prassure to it's max. safe level
3-fold side mirrors and close all the windows
4-use abt. 20% high octane fuel mixture to existing one
5-pull the speed to 135km/hr @ 4th speed, and than 5th
5-give it some time to reach it's max.

Well as the driving at higher speeds is not advisiable

... with this compact car. i won't try it again.
as i am pretty happy to take risk on first impression

drive @ 149km/hr.

3rdly. I think it is someone else having tht sticker..

as if i had planned such speedy ride, i must have took

my dit. camera with me to take 149 picture.

Reply By : ingenious on 12/22/2005 8:32:56 AM
@ virtuostica:

You picked half of the message and ignored it's theme.
13-14km /ltr is in the city. and brochure showed 20+km/ltr in extra urban areas (not in city)

What do u think ? If engine is running and car is waiting for 'GREEN LIGHT' signal.? no fuel is burning ???

Fuel Average written on brochures are referenced with 'Ideal Conditions'

If you drive Exclusive/QQ/Santro @ 80km/hr (using top gear) on motorway, without any applied brakes and with lifted windows, prescribed tyre pressure, 2-passenger. then you can get well beyond 20-22km/ltr.
and might touch 18-20km/ltr with mehran as it has only 4-gears..

One should calculate the milage of extra urban areas...

HorsePower(HP)/Weight RATIO:::

Chevy/Santro/QQ, these are Powered with Electric Powered Steering, which directly effects the engine performance.
Chevy/QQ/Santro weights around 850kgs,
HP/Weight ratio decreases as the kerb weight increases...

Height/Width plays resistive role when striking wind is concern, hence pays more load on engine.
Height/Width are greater than Mehran (isn't it?)

Mehran weights less than 600kg with CC (800) engine. and no power steering (no extra load)

HP/Weight ratio for Mehran is greater than of Chevy/QQ/Santro

According to my Calculations, if you put in 5F geared box in mehran , it might go 160km/hr. with same engine.
it should do more milage than what it's doing currently

Another thing...

When calculating prices, and comparing with other countries (like india in this case), keep in mind, what is the currency value difference between both countries...

Indian 100 rupee=140 rupee pakistani ??? (almost)

it will directly effect the prices... by about 40 to 50%

Means Maurity costs 200,000 in india will cost 2,80,000 in pakistan ///

Next thing that will change the price is the Market, India has much bigger market and having much more competition as compared to the pakistani market and competitors (isn't it?)

when you produce more/month or per/year, you save alot, on building rentals, salaries, utility bills,... hence more production reduces end user price. it can effect more than 10% here with this case..

Means 280,000 + 28,000 (10%)=308,000(PKR) (Price of Mehran in pakistan )

DO u know how many cars can india produce per year, compared with Pakistan ???

Alot more...

Another difference

Indian gov. is much sincere than of ours

They work for their nation, and our gov. work for their ownself.

Example: No one can have Non Custom paid Vehicles but or MNA/MPA and other officials can ... (with no justification) , even they (MNA/MPA) start a sort of business by selling NCPs on market prices... (((reference taken by GEO Program a year ago)


What do u say ?

Reply By : haaziq on 12/23/2005 9:47:56 AM
I have been stopped on the roads many times by people of different classes inquiring about my chery but the most interesting stop was yesterday night at 1130 when I was stopped and told that my rear lights were not behaving as they should.

At first I was not able to understand what the man was trying to tell me but after some time when I stared them for a while I noticed that my reverse light was switching on and off although I was standing behind the car and there was no 1 in the car. I went in and changed different gears while the car was static and the light went off permanently...

Now again the reverse light switching on whenever it likes and switching off whenever it likes... AFTER ALL ITS A FREE COUNTRY AND EVERY 1 HAS HIS/HER/ITS RIGHT....

I failed to understand the problem with the car and went to the Mehndi of my friend. May God Bless us all with Petrol cars & disco reverse lights...


Reply By : ingenious on 12/23/2005 4:46:29 PM
Another feature of QQ


Reply By : haaziq on 12/25/2005 10:34:26 PM
I got the fuel tank of My chery filled again today and this time it gave me 15 Km/Litres but I made sure that the RPM doesnt go beyond 3000.

The engine is becoming smoother and the gears are a bit softer from the day I bought it.I Hope that the gears will become normal after some time.....


Reply By : drsaed on 12/25/2005 11:15:37 PM
From my experiance I feel the optimum RPM for QQ is 3500 instead of 3000. I travelled 580 km stat today on QQ mostly on motorway. And this all was for Rs 640 (only 70 km on petrol and rest on CNG) and the speed was mostly around 120.)
I plan to change the gear oil tomorrow as my car has now done 3600 km in all. Lets see what effect it has on smoothness of the gears.

Reply By : haaziq on 12/27/2005 10:40:39 AM
I went to Sialkot yesterday and my car gave me 18.5 Km/Litre on the run. Maximum drive on G.T Road was @ 100 Km where as on motorway I touched 145 Km at almost 5500 RPM just to check the top speed. I think that this car can easily touch 160 if some time is given to it on motorway.

The only problematic thing was that my car was knocking in the 5th gear between speed 70-90 km constantly. Whenever I lower or higher the speed from the given range, the car responded excellently...

The FFS is due now and I will be visiting the Dealer today or tomorrow....


Reply By : drsaed on 12/27/2005 9:10:11 PM
Haaziq...thats what I meant about my experiance of optimal RPM at 3500. If it is less than that in 4th and 5th gear the engine gives a knocking sound.


Reply By : aliqadri on 12/27/2005 9:40:46 PM
Well, First of All, I drove chery about 1400km on High ways... (Motorway+GT ROAD)

i've not felt any knocking at 3krpm or even lesser then that. in 5th speed.

But, I don't know weather this problem is 'car' specific or what. I've been getting pretty smooth ride on it till date.



Reply By : haaziq on 12/28/2005 10:56:39 AM

What do you suggest....??
Why is this knocking sound in 4th & 5th gear...??
I got my FFS yesterday before getting the Cng installed , Engine oil,oil filter & plugs were changed but even then I am getting the knocking sound in the 4th & 5th gear...

Have you checked with your dealer...??
if yes then what is his reply...??


Reply By : drsaed on 12/29/2005 12:28:40 AM
I have no idea what the knocking is about...but its not there when u change the gears at more than 3500 RPM. I haven't talked to the dealer about this as yet. I wrote to Pakchery Motors Karachi about another issue...and the reply was shockingly pathetic and highly unprofessional. I'll post that correspondence soon.
By the way why did u get the plugs changed so soon??. And kindly let me know of the place you got the job done and the price. I am in Lahore nowadays and need to get FFS done on my car too


knocking .... plugs changed / replaced .... not a problem,..... mr. 20car OWNER ?