I need guidance on buying a reliable car in 8 or 8.5 range.

I have found I have the following options for my needs in the range

Cultus 2010-2011
Corolla Saloon 2002-2005
Corolla xli/gli 2003-2005

I would be travelling on karachi-hyderabad highway with family(200 kms with alot of bumps and rocky diversions) and for use within karachi.

I need a car not heavy or frequent on maintenance costs and was preferring to buy an automatic car which brings only saloon as an option.

I heard corolla xli/gli has the highest risk for theft

Please give me any guidance which car should I go for and where should I search for cars in karachi, any mechanic I can ask to inspect the cars?

I have searched few showrooms at khalid bin walid and new m.a jinnah and have found 2-3 Saloons although im still wondering if a 13 year old car would be better to buy or a 6 year old cultus.

Any guidance would be appreciated