Hi. I know this isn't the right place to be asking for information about car rentals but I couldn't find any other forum related to car rentals. I live in Toronto Canada and I'm planning a visit to Lahore with my family of 6. i would like to know some details about car renting there. I want to rent a car, preferably a Honda Civic. Model 2012 onwards. Any idea how much would that cost me and with driver. I'm landing in the last week of Ramadan and flying back in the end of July so I'll need a car for atleast 30 days. I will also be traveling outside Lahore maybe a couple of times to Kharian and Islamabad.

My past experience hasn't been really good with car rentals as I have to return the car at night around 10 pm and if I keep it longer I'm charged 1500 rs extra for every hour. I understand every car rental has its own policy with timing but I would like a car which I can keep with me 24 hours as my timings will be different on every occasion.

Also on the side, if I could get some information about Mercedes Benz C class. Also for rent. Probably for 1 week.

Any sort of help will be appreciated.