hey guys!
i was just roaming thru the web when i came across this blog. Its nice to have such sorta discussion.

I am looking for an A/T vehicle. Obviously the most optimum one, with cheap spares and bla bla...
Well I can also aford to buy a new GLi or Vario City (estimated budget 1/2 a million to 9 hundred thousand PKR). I am looking for a new one. I know one thing that vehicle in PAK in mint conditions are very rare to find so buying a new one will be a secure option.

just throw me some option. the cheapest one is Curore. then Vits but somebody warned me of its expensive spares.

I am much interested in 2001 Model City but you could hardly find any immaculate condition veh now. Similarly the A/T Baleno - it was kool ... but its not there in Showrooms any more

I am so much confused _ need a advise

much regards